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Best Quadcopter Drones for Sale with Camera LED Lights Green Drone BONUS BATTERY 2X FlightTime

4.5 The Quadcopter Shop Quadcopter Drone with Camera Live Video, Drones FPV 1080P HD WIFI Camera with Remote Control, FREE Extra Battery and Quadcopters Crash Replacement Kit with
Amazon Price: $149.95 $79.95 You save: $70.00 (47%). (as of March 16, 2018 10:03 pm – Details). Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

Please use Energizer batteries with the remote controller. Duracell are not working properly! Great Drone product with all the extras. *BONUS BATTERY* Extended flight time with 2 superior upgraded batteries. LED lights on this drone will light up the night. Flight stability makes it easy for beginners and better control over drone. HD camera allows for birds eye photos. Lots of fun for the entire family!! FAQ: 1-What if my drone is not hovering correctly or drifting to the side? Reset the drone factory defaults by turning the remote controller and drone power on. Then move the left joystick to the bottom left corner of the controller and the right joystick to the bottom right corner at the same time. The drone lights should blink indicating that the drone has reset. The 2 small buttons below the right joystick adjust the drones trim to stabilize the drone. 2-How do I control the drones speed? The top left button on the controller controls the speed with Demo1 mode being normal speed, Demo 2 is faster speed and Demo 1/2 the fastest speed. 3-How do I connect/sync the controller and drone together? The drone will sync with the controller by moving the left joystick up and then down on the controller and the propellers will engage and spin. 4- Should I install the prop guards and screws? Yes the prop guards protect the gears and motors and should always be installed. 5- How long should I charge the drone batteries and long is the flight time for each battery? Charge about 2 hours for about 15 minutes of flight time per battery charge. Do not overcharge! 6-What if one of the propellers are not spinning properly? See answer for question #1 to reset the drones factory defaults. If this does not work please contact the seller for replacement parts. 7- Where do I get replacement parts? Please contact the seller at 8- How do I install and operate the camera? Plug the 3 prong connector into the drone and clip the camera onto the bottom of the drone.

Customer Reviews

Drones made easy…Great product…Better Seller experience.

 on March 28, 2016
By free2shop
I have to say this is a review of the seller as well as the product.

This is a fantastically fun helicopter! Quick and easy to learn to use

 on January 28, 2016
By Bonnie S.
This is a fantastically fun helicopter! Quick and easy to learn to use.

I would recommend this to everyone

 on October 18, 2016
By Bill Bragg
Really enjoying my first drone, I would recommend this to everyone, easy to fly and the seller, Mike works hard to make sure you are well informed ahead of it’s arrival by sending instructions with video links, exception customer service. I found the longer flight time a huge plus when shopping for a drone, glad I selected it and I plan on ordering two more for Christmas gifts for the grown-up kids.

Excellent Purchase

 on October 13, 2016
By Julie Hogan
I love this drone. It flys nice and smooth. The company sent an email with a video on how to fly it. The video was very helpful to learn what this drone offers and how to fly it. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a beginner to intermediate drone. I’d also like to add the customer service is exceptional!!

Qhadcopter drone is the best…

 on October 4, 2016
By Dorothy M. Ryan
Best ever. It was for my brother and he and his work buddies are really enjoying it. Not getting much work done, I think, but they are having a blast. This was the best vendor ever. Mike is great to deal with, and is very conscientious about his customer’s satisfaction. Thanks very much for a great purchase.

Good value, good customer service

 on September 7, 2016
By Christine
Watch the instructional video. Also, the SD card might already be in the camera if you don’t see it in the packaging. My teenager says he loves it and was shocked to receive a DRONE for his birthday 🙂 It does take pictures and video, but they aren’t viewable on the remote – you have to connect to computer to view. I’ve attached 3 photos of my son flying the drone, 2 photos of the pictures (viewing on the computer) it took, and 1 photo of the video it took (viewing on computer). Also a few photos of it flying for the first time in the house.

Great Customer Support

 on January 16, 2017
By L or D Day
This is my second quadcopter and the one I learned to fly with, which I’ve been doing for 3 mos. Legally classed as a “toy” quadcopter which doesn’t need to be registered under FAA rules; the QCopter is extremely lightly built and relatively responsive. , The light build is really its only major flaw, because it’s a bit fragile. Hard to fault the designer; however because the FAA requires registration of drones over .5 lbs, and its a hard thing to design. . The QCopter, has a flight time about twice that of other quads in its class (my tests show 14-18 min), can do tricks and batteries are inexpensive at less than $10 per (my other drones cost $50 and $114 per battery so a $7-$10 is appreciated. The light weight is an advantage in that you’re unlikely to hurt anyone with it (I only said unlikely, you can do almost anything if you put your mind to it).

We definately recommend the Qcopter

 on September 22, 2016
By Elise
My son saved his money to buy this quadcopter. He LOVES it! He’s 8 and has had no trouble learning how to fly this. It is very user friendly. We had some difficulty reseting the gyros but emailed Mike. He responded promptly and we got the problem fixed. We definately recommend the Qcopter!

Confirmed that i just received QC1 drone.

 on February 3, 2017
By In Drones We Trust!
Thank you so much for the QC1,green drone. It fly so great! I even got 17 minutes on each battery that it comes with 2 of them. I got almost 35 mins of flying time in total of 2 batteries, it really awesome, so nice, and so sweet to having this BESTEST drone i ever have! I have 3 different drones. This QC1 green drone, is the BESTEST of alllllllllll!!!!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you soooo much!!!! Keep up great work! I give you 10 stars, and 2 thumbs UP!!!! 👐👍👍 I’m very veryyyyyy pleased to said i have fallen in love with this green drone. It even have so amazing, awesome colorful LED lights for night time, i will never lose this one in the darkness, for sure! Thanks again and thank you got the download of instructions and video to teach me about all the great technology informations that this green drone are have. It’s badass, so sweet drone i ever have! Thanks again!!!! ☺😊😀☺😊😀 👍👍👐👋👋
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