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DJI Phantom 3 Professional Quadcopter 4K UHD Video Camera Drone

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Amazon Price: $749.00 $749.00 (as of March 16, 2018 6:00 am – Details). Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

The Phantom 3 Professional continues the proud tradition of DJI's Phantom series and brings several important innovations to the Phantom's rich feature set. The Phantom 3 Professional carries a fully stabilized 3-axis 4k UHD video camera for smooth, crisp videos and still photos. To allow you to see what the drone sees, DJI has engineered a new generation of their Lightbridge technology that allows 720p HD digital streaming of live video directly from the drone. You can control the camera and see video in real time as you fly and you can even share the video using the DJI Pilot app's advanced features. To aid indoor flying, the Phantom 3 Professional includes an integrated array of optical and ultrasonic sensors call Vision Positioning that allows you to fly precisely indoors without a GPS signal. The Phantom 3 Professional includes all the tried-and-true features you'd expect from a DJI drone, including GPS navigation with auto takeoffs and auto landings, intelligent high power flight battery, a built-in safety database of no fly zones, and a powerful mobile app for your iOS or Android device.

Note: DJI has locked your Phantom from being able to even start the motor if you live within a 15 mile radius of the White House. This encompasses not only D.C. but much of Prince Georges County, Arlington, Fairfax, Silver Spring, Falls Church and Montgomery County. DJI does not warn you of this prior to purchase. Outside of this 15 mile radius, the drone works great, but be aware, that if you bought it and live within the restricted zone, you will not be able to fly it, even on your own property.

Customer Reviews

Phantom 3 Pro. The name says it all

 on April 6, 2016
By Chet Mortenson
This thing is a highly sophisticated and advanced piece of aeronautics technology. It is not a toy. The firmware and remote controller requires updating before operation. That consists of downloading the zip file from the Dji website, loading them onto the micro SD card, and inserting it into the micro SD slot on the gimbal. After that it’s pretty automatic. First flight: DO NOT FLY INDOORS for the first flight. Attitude mode means it relies solely on the VPS sensors and does not have GPS guidance. In which case the bird can get a little squirrelly and takes practice and experience with the controls to know how to maneuver without GPS. To stop the motor when landing, either initiate the Return to Home function (in which case the drone will land itself) or put the sticks both down and inward for an instantaneous canceling of the motors, or put the left stick down for 2 seconds and the propellers will stop. The camera on the phantom 3 professional is extraordinary. The gimbal is magic. The performance and maneuverability is by far the best in it’s class. It stops and turns on a dime. It climbs and soars like a champ, even thru wind. You can download the photos and video files (1080p) straight to your phone at full res thru the Dji GO app. The GO app is also very advanced and fully covers all controls with satisfying modification/customization options. An amazing and outstanding piece of technology. I had no problems or issues with my Phantom 3 Pro thus far. It’s as tight as a drum and flies like a champ. An extra battery and hardshell travel case is a must.

Life Changing….Words cannot describe the amount of fun and discovery you can achieve.

 on January 29, 2016
By California Phantom
This may seem overboard, but this little device has changed my life. I was one of those individuals who just enjoyed firing up the Xbox or the Playstation, and my afternoons were spent fighting others online; thinking that in some way all of those digital matches actually mattered, or accounted for something. I was given a regular RC helicopter from my father and could not get it but a few feet off the ground before crashing, and eventually smashed it up within a weekend. Discouraged, I really gave up flying RC vehicles, until I started watching a few videos on youtube about drones. Encouraged, I purchased a Hubsan found here on Amazon for approximately $40. I was simply amazed at how easy it was to fly right out of the box. Even though it was cheap and small, it flew amazingly well outside; tolerating the wind with a level of mastery that I still quite don’t understand. I had saved long and hard, and knew that Hubsan had given me the skillset to move onto something bigger and better, so I sprung for the best. The inspire (the version above the Phantom 3) I still feel like is too much money, and best suited for 2 people to fly at the same time (one operating the camera, and the other the drone itself). However, the Phantom 3 is so amazing the thing practically flies itself. The way I describe it those who have not yet experienced it is that it’s like owning your own private helicopter, that you can hop in any time you want. Because of this device I spend far more time outside of the home, than I ever do inside. This is a dream come true, and I am so utterly happy that I purchased this, and I HIGHLY recommend you do the same.
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