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Potensic® UDI 818A 2.4G 4CH 6-Axis Gyro RC Quadcopter Drone UFO with HD camera

4.5 The Quadcopter Shop RC Quadcopter, Potensic Upgraded UDI 818A HD 2.4GHz CH 6 Axis Gyro RC Quadcopter with 2 Megapixels Camera, Multi-Directional Mode,Drone with Carrying Case: Toys
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Are you fascinated by flying quadcopter but only look for an affordable fun time play toy? You are in the right place.

Newest IOC System
The best feature for beginner! It eliminates the need to adjust the position of quadcopter before flying it. Even in mild winds, around 10 mph or less, the UDI U818A-1 HD flies strong, ultra-stable and reliable.

Advanced Features
It has the "Return to Home" key function that enables the quadcopter to fly back to the starting point without trouble. It also include a 2 megapixels camera with a resolution up to 1280 x 720 and 30 FPS for quality videos.

Sturdy Flying Machine
Featuring highly anti-collision elastic plastic protective frame, this is a very well built and strong piece of equipment that can handle more crashes that regular quadcopters. Excellent for beginners and casual flight amateur.

Important Note:
• The motors of the quadcopter wear naturally and inevitably the longer you fly it due to the heat generated.
• Please make sure to cool down the motors and board circuit after 2 or 3 flights to extend their durability.
What You Receive:
1 x U818A-1 HD RC Quadcopter
1 x 2.4GHz Transmitter with LCD Display (4 x AA batteries NOT INCLUDED)
3 x 3.7V 500mAh Li-Po Batteries (to extend your fun play time) (1 installed inside the drone, 2 outside )
1 x 4GB Micro SD Card (to store all your videos)
1 x USB Card Reader (to plug the SD card to your computer)
1 x Battery Charger (to charge your Li-Po Batteries)
4 x Extra Blades (in event of crash)
1 x User Manual
Satisfaction Guaranteed
• Potensic Top-Notch Quality Control
• Easy-to-Reach Customer Support: via Amazon or via email (enclosed with the product)

Customer Reviews

It’s rare to find quality like this anymore

 on April 27, 2016
By ms_phd
Early Review:

This is by far the best deal on Amazon for this model

 on January 2, 2016
By Amazon Customer
I purchased this kit after originally buying the UDI 818. This is by far the best deal on Amazon for this model. It’s comes with two extra battery’s, two spare motors, and a very nice carrying case compared to the same model for the same price on Amazon. It seems to be a no brainier to get more for the same price, plus it’s prime eligible. Fun little drone. As for those who question the distance.. Google search UDI 818 antenna modification. It’s pretty impressive the extended range that can be gained from a little bit of effort. The camera is good for the specifications and the battery life is short but with four batteries it makes up for that. It is very durable and it’s taken many crashes without damage. I would buy again.

Decent for the money

 on January 1, 2017
By randerson1983
I bought this just after Christmas, I have flown it a few times now and this is what I’ve noticed.

Missing key components!

 on March 10, 2017
By Marco D
This was a fun beginner quad while it lasted. Unfortunately, the unit I received did not come with all components included, primarily the battery charger, so my use of it was severely limited to the battery capacity as they arrived. I flew it around the house for a while and scared the dogs with it, but once all batteries had died, I had no way to recharge them, so back to the seller it went. If all items were included with each quad, this would be a 5 star item that I would recommend to everyone. Your mileage may vary.

Love it!

 on April 25, 2016
Bought it for my husband’s birthday. He loves it and our whole family loves it. It’s fun to fly, the camera is very good quality and the case looks great, keeps all the parts safe and easy to carry.

Great for beginners to flying quads

 on March 1, 2016
By AZTimmay
Great quad for beginners! Mode 1 lets you learn how to fly and control is very light to no wind conditions (or indoor use). Mode 2 gives more control which is good for little to no wind. Headless mode it hard to get used to and I have never had the return home function work for me, but I almost always fly in Mode 2. I’ve lost connection with the quad a couple times already flying it too high to get some nice shots but have been lucky enough to catch up with it after cutting the engines and letting it fall. With that said the frame although a hindrance on flying and makes it loose speed protects this from major falls and crashes. I’ve had my fair share of them and haven’t broken a single piece on it yet! The video quality is good for how small this is, but the recordings often get broken up into separate files either due to a strong wind knocking the SD card loose or perhaps just losing the connection from time to time? OVERALL: I’m impressed how well this does for the price and happy with the purchase.

Thrilling Toy! Yes!

 on January 31, 2017
By Amazon Customer
Wow! This fabulous drone made my 40yo SIL so very happy! It’s the coolest toy ever, he said! It does require a little patience to learn to take off and land safely but he learned that in an afternoon indoors with tall ceilings! It does everything the novice’s needs it to do. The case makes not only a great presentation piece but also a perfect protective case other drones did not offer. It can be easily stored and protected on the shelf of a closet until using. He appreciated the hard case but I reminded him it is not sturdy enough for anyone to sit on it and that it is more for storage and toting as it is not rain proof either. I want one now.


 on February 20, 2016
By Steve K
I’m new at this, so I crash a lot. I crashed this drone into a tree on its maiden flight. I had to use a trekking pole to drag it out of the branches. Then I did an inverted nose dive into the ground a few minutes later. Those where crashes I remember the most. There were many that day. I could not even break a prop or any other part. This is the drone to have if you’re starting this hobby.

Fun copter, easy learning and takes a beating

 on February 3, 2016
By trepell
Fun copter, easy learning and takes a beating. Came with only three batteries and no instructions. Had two days will see how tough product is ! Well have no throttle trim switch came broken on controller found two days latter
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