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QCopter QC1 Drone Quadcopter with HD Camera LED Lights Black Drones BONUS BATTERY 2X FlightTime

4.5 The Quadcopter Shop Quadcopter Drone with Camera Live Video, Drones FPV 1080P HD WIFI Camera with Remote Control, FREE Extra Battery and Quadcopters Crash Replacement Kit with
Amazon Price: $149.95 $79.95 You save: $70.00 (47%). (as of March 15, 2018 1:13 pm – Details). Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

Great Drone product with all the extras. *BONUS BATTERY* Extended flight time with 2 superior upgraded batteries. LED lights on this drone will light up the night. Flight stability makes it easy for beginners and better control over drone. HD camera allows for birds eye photos. Lots of fun for the entire family!! FAQ: 1-What if my drone is not hovering correctly or drifting to the side? Reset the drone factory defaults by turning the remote controller and drone power on. Then move the left joystick to the bottom left corner of the controller and the right joystick to the bottom right corner at the same time. The drone lights should blink indicating that the drone has reset. The 2 small buttons below the right joystick adjust the drones trim to stabilize the drone. 2-How do I control the drones speed? The top left button on the controller controls the speed with Demo1 mode being normal speed, Demo 2 is faster speed and Demo 1/2 the fastest speed. 3-How do I connect/sync the controller and drone together? The drone will sync with the controller by moving the left joystick up and then down on the controller and the propellers will engage and spin. 4- Should I install the prop guards and screws? Yes the prop guards protect the gears and motors and should always be installed. 5- How long should I charge the drone batteries and long is the flight time for each battery? Charge about 2 hours for about 15 minutes of flight time per battery charge. Do not overcharge! 6-What if one of the propellers are not spinning properly? See answer for question #1 to reset the drones factory defaults. If this does not work please contact the seller for replacement parts. 7- Where do I get replacement parts? Please contact the seller at 8- How do I install and operate the camera? Plug the 3 prong connector into the drone and clip the camera onto the bottom of the drone.

Customer Reviews

We still talk with great delight about this drone and its impact on our …

 on February 22, 2016
By GrammaTT
Should have gotten one of these for each of my sons and my spouse as well! This little thing holds up to collisions!!!!! My 22 yr old son was so excited when he opened this on Christmas that he immediately took it outdoors and started flying it. What an impression it made on his grandfather and others! soon everyone stopped opening presents and were outdoors watching this thing almost disappear into some low clouds. Then a small gust of wind came up and Whoops! Stuck in the top of an 80ft tree! After trying several methods of trying to knock the drone down, My father (70 plus yrs) went and got the backhoe and knocked the entire tree down. As you can imagine, this little quadcopter came crashing down with the tree and enough force to shake the ground we were standing on. The battery cover had come off, but that is it. My son recharged the drone and soon he was off and flying again. We still talk with great delight about this drone and its impact on our Christmas festivities. My spouse will probably be getting one for his birthday, as he still brings up just how cool this thing is. I would caution, however, to steer clear of wooded areas!

Hands down the best drone you can buy for under $100

 on March 21, 2018
By Entropy
Excellent drone for the newly initiated in the quadcopter-lifestyle. Durable and extremely forgiving, this drone has tons of features that you are not going to find in competing products at this price point. I spent approximately 30 hours researching the best drone for under $100 and this was the winner hands down. High definition photo and video? Check. Extra parts and batteries? Check. Altitude hold and live view? Check. Ability to control drone via your smartphone? Check. Many of the other drone options on Amazon boast half these features but run well north of $100.

Fun, inexpensive drone!

 on January 5, 2018
By Jerry
So far, it is a fun drone to fly. I think I am testing the limits of the range of the remote, as there have been a few times I have flown it so high, that it starts to go crazy and go different directions. I have, thankfully, been able to bring it back every time, but boy this thing gets some air! I’m reading 300 ft. is the range, and that’s pretty good, considering the cost and skill level of this drone. I appreciate that it was shipped with a bonus battery too! That is definitely a plus!

i love this drone

 on March 26, 2016
By spencer
i love this drone. its perfect. if things go wrong parts are easy to replace. but its hard to brake alot of thing on it unless your flying somewhere in a city or near obstacles like power lines and close together trees but if your good you can with ease. controlling this drone is so easy and on quick mode its so fun and whips around quick. cameras grate but i just have fun flying it bring it up high nd zooming it back it stope super quick and will take off with flick of throttle. the colors are so dope. its way to stable i can let it float in the air and set the controller down and just step back and not panic about losing it.all aroung grate. 5 stars if your not sure what to start off with or you want a grate drone just to have fun with i highly recommend this one.


 on August 25, 2016
By saywhen59
The QC1 QUADCOPTER I recieved from this company is GREAT!!!!! I am in my early sixties and so is my wife. We like playing with new technology and to try and keep up with the times. Even so we were a little concerned we would not be able to understand the DRONE or CONTROLLER…NO PROBLEM!!! with this unit. It is a BEGINNER to EXPERT DRONE so if you are like us don’t worry. The DRONE comes in ninety percent put together. The Controller only needs to have AA batteries installed which is a snap. Let me premise this sentence by saying read the instructions, and watch the video from the company/ mfg. It is on the site in the review section or there is a link to get onto. Also you can go on YOUTUBE. The basics of putting the last few pieces on will take about 10-15 minutes, no problem, very good quality parts. We took the Drone out for it’s maiden flight and was having fun when I landed it hard. It broke off one of the landing skids, and I was heartbroken. We went home to see if we could fix it, but to no avail. I decided to call the company and talked with the owner who was VERY CONCERNED, so as a VERY COURTEOUS and a concerned owner, he sent me out FREE replacement parts. That too me is the most important issue is to have a dialogue with vendors of any company. He sent out FAST!!! the parts, put them on and BOOM no more problems except my wife wont let play with it anymore, so I have to get one for ME… I deal with Vendors all the time since I am a ( BUYER-1 ) for a major U.S. company and I know what customer service is and how without our customers HAPPY with us we would be out of business. If you decide to buy this DRONE you will be VERY HAPPY with the product and the Company. For the price it cannot be beat for a day or night flight. At night it looks so cool with colored lights Seriously if you want a GREAT BEGINNING DRONE and do not want to spend hundreds of dollars, buy this Drone and from this company who is GREAT!!!! and go FLY and have FUN. It is also fun to watch the pictures and video from the Drone camera. The only part I replaced myself for better quality pictures is to put in a better micro camera chip, but even without it the camera works GREAT!!! The only other thing I would recomend is to buy on AMAZON extra batteries and a parts replacement kit that runs around $7.00. Other than that I wanted to say I am not getting payed for writting this. I just think it is important to acknowledge a GREAT PRODUCT when I get one and the COMPANY.

Fortunately the folks from QS emailed to check how it …

 on October 18, 2016
By Timothy Zeller
I bought this for my 10 year old son and he loves it, although I think he may be a bit young to handle the level of control that this requires. I am very impressed with the customer service provided by QS LLC. Initially the transmitter did not work and I was planning to return it. Fortunately the folks from QS emailed to check how it was working and they quickly identified that Duracell batteries do not make proper connection and that I should use Energizer batteries. That solved the problem and prevented the hassle of returning the item, and it made my son very happy. Great customer service is rare these days so it earns a 5 star review.

Absolutely worth your money awesome for being a first-time drone owner

 on September 3, 2016
By john
Absolutely worth the money for your first drone .. Very durable and believe me when I say that I have put my Q copter / drone through a lot … Just a piece of advice this little guy will climb climb climb so far up where it is about the size of a bottlecap to the naked eye I really got my work out chasing it Keep it close to you until you get better at operating it but again it’s absolutely worth the money I would get extra batteries one battery takes about an hour and 15 minutes to charge where you have about 15 minutes of flying time and also get extra parts to but it’s oh so much fun to fly…. I feel like a kid again and I’m 44 years old

Great Drone with one Hic up.

 on January 18, 2017
By Christy
My son is in love with this Drone. It was a Christmas gift and he just loves it!!! Had a tiny issue locating the second battery ( it was in the drone) the seller was very helpful and super quick to respond with help. The instruction videos were great and a must to watch!! The camera is so great the pictures have turned out so much better then I thought they would. We have run into a hic up today it wont get off the ground. I’m not sure what the issue is I will have to look at it when I get home. Maybe a battery issue, I wonder if he over charged one of them? But over all this has been a great drone for beginners and to have fun with!!! If we cant figure out the issue I will contact the seller, he was super helpful before and I’m sure he will be again.

… year old son and cannot tell you how much fun he has had with this

 on March 14, 2016
By Amazon Customer
I purchased this for my 11 year old son and cannot tell you how much fun he has had with this! It has worked perfectly. I cannot get over the clarity of the pictures and the video! The tutorials and information that was sent to us were added bonuses! My son watched the video and set everything up himself! I was so skeptical to buy this, thinking at such a low price it would end up in the trash can after a flight or two. He has flown it for the past 5 straight days and has loved every second! GREAT PRODUCT!!!!

Highly recommend this drone to any beginner

 on July 23, 2017
By Rudi
Already wrote a review. This was a birthday present for my 11 year old daughter. She was up and flying within 30 minutes without crashing.
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