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UDI U818A WiFi FPV RC Quadcopter Drone with HD Camera RTF – VR Headset Compatible – Headless Mode, Low Voltage Alarm, Gravity Induction – Includes BONUS BATTERY + Power Bank (Quadruples Flying Time) – FAA Registration NOT Required

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Looking to add some adventure to your next outdoor excursion? The latest UDI U818A WiFi FPV drone will allow you to immerse yourself in flight while capturing exquisite aerial footage and photography.

– This drone is the latest UDI 818A Wifi FPV drone exclusively through USA Toyz updated with WiFi and FPV (first-person view.)
– Pair your drone and mobile device easily through iOS and Android systems.
– Sync your controller with all of the latest features by simply updating the app in the app store.
– Sync any compatible VR headset with your controller with the latest app update to really bring life to your flight!
– Watch live video and photo feed through any compatible device while in flight.
– Gravity Induction mode allows you to fly the drone without even touching your mobile device. – Ready to fly right out of the box!
– 4 safety guard-protected propellers prevent collision and damage plus impact-resistant plastic parts are durable and easy to repair.
– Included bonus battery doubles your flying time. It can be swapped or charged in place easily via USB. Lasts 6-9 minutes per flight.
– 2MP Forward-facing camera takes pristine HD video and HD photos with intense color and precise white balance. Video resolution has been upgraded to 1280*720 at 30 FPS.
– Removable Micro-SD (TF) stores enough footage to last several flights. AVI and JPEG format videos are easy to upload.
– Photo button on controller snaps pictures, video button starts and stops recording and roll button does an instant 360° roll.
– Left and right trigger joystick combo will flip 360° in any direction. Right trigger turns signal light on and off.
– LED running lights and remote control signal light allows nighttime flight.
– Ages 14+.
– Includes: – U818A WiFi FPV Quadcopter – 2.4Ghz Controller – 2 x 350mAh LiPo Batteries – USB Battery Charger – 4GB Micro-SD Card – 4 Spare Propellers – Power Bank – User Manual

Customer Reviews

A perfect "First Quad"

 on May 8, 2015
By Thomas Timmons
A terrific little copter for the price. For people wanting to get into flying quads, but wanting something inexpensive and durable to start with, this fits the bill. The camera resolution is good, but since it records on the vehicle, you don’t know what you are filming until it gets back to the ground and you plug in the MicroSD card to your computer. Also, don’t try to remove the SD card while the camera is in recording mode, or the video clip will be lost — wait for the green light. In my test flight, it seemed that doing a flip cut off the recording. It would start up again in a few seconds, but you will have a series of short videos instead of one long one. It can also take still photos.

Just got my UDI QuadCopter today – So far I am quite pleased!

 on May 11, 2015
By Mark P
I just received, unpacked and flew/crashed my Udi Quadcopter for the better part of the afternoon. For those who think you can un-box this craft, pull it out and fly to your hearts content let me enlighten you just a bit. I have flown RC aircraft on and off for twenty years. The only A/C I didn’t fly was the helicopters because of the expense and difficulty in operating them. When I stumbled upon this UDI drone for cheap at Amazon I figured what the hay and went for it. Since I have only had it for a number of hours and part of that time was in charging batteries my experience is limited, but I can give my initial, first impressions. First, when you take off, do not expect the drone to just hover there waiting for inputs. It is very stable, yes, however even after re-setting the gyros the drone still tends to drift. This can be compensated for easily enough with gentle nudges on the controls, but it takes practice. When I say gentle nudges I mean gentle. You can’t just muscle this craft around right at the start unless you are well versed in flying quadcopters. It took me two batteries to get a nice controlable hover technique. The next few charges (it takes a couple hours so I am buying more batteries asap) were spent maneuvering around our living room. Now, some may say, there’s your problem, why start in your house instead of a nice big field and you would be right except the wind was blowing about twenty knots and I am an impatient man. This is where my prior experience with RC aircraft was handy as I knew to keep my inputs light and have no problem with the controls when the drone is flying back towards me. I certainly would NOT recommend starting in your house if you’ve never flown before. So, my impressions. First, after getting a feel for the craft it is stable in hover and in flight indoors – I will update with outdoors when the wind dies down. It is tough, I crashed into moving ceiling fans, got caught under a couch and attacked by our dog and the drone just kept chugging. The only problem I had was initially I had intermittent power loss. I found the connector for the batter to the copter was loose. I snapped it on tight and no more problems. Also, some say you get 9-10 minutes of flight per charge. Nope. 5-6, maybe 7 if you don’t record, but I wanted to record all my crashes and nonsense. I had the front light turned off. Tomorrow I will disable the other LED s. Don’t think that will save much but I don’t need them. Once I am confident I won’t crash regularly I will remove the protective shroud as well to save on some weight. For now tho, it is indispensable. The camera takes Darn good video. I am truly impressed. I can’t wait to get outside our living room doesn’t make for picturesque viewing. So, all in all my first impression is that this is a tough and fun little gadget. For less than 90 bucks it’s hard to beat. Oh, it comes with two batteries, extra rotors, extra rotor shaft gears a screwdriver a micro SD card and reader – which was a nice touch. Just stick the card in the reader, stick it in the USB port of your computer and viola! There’s your videos. Be sure to power down the drone before removing the card too. And follow the instructions. If you don’t like the manual there are dozens of videos for this copter on YouTube. Hope this helps in your decision making. One last thing tho. Let me stress that as cool as this might be it is really just a toy for us big Kids. If you want something for anything other than messing around you need to look at a lot more copter and a lot more money. With that in mind, have fun!

WOW—Worth the Money. EXCELLENT Starter Drone

 on July 14, 2015
By Bruce H.
WOW. Worth every penny. Top 5 Best Toy I ever bought. Perfect for beginners. It took about 20 minutes to be able to get decent control. I purchased Drone, 5 extra batteries, charger and extra propeller blades (it came with extra and I bought more because they were cheap). For under $110 I had all of the above. It takes practice but it is Awesome. For an $90 Drone—-the photos and video are excellent. Is it as good as a Phantom 2 or 3—hell no but the cost is 1/10. This is perfect for learning how to fly and when you can fly without a lot of crashing—upgrade. This Drone has taken hits by me on grass and black top and has survived. As of 7/13 I have about 90 minutes of flying time and confident now to fly over pools and houses and near trees. Being a “bird” is incredible. Buy it. For the money–it is a no brainer.

Fun for you inner child

 on March 22, 2016
By ebroadhurst
I bought this for my husband as a Christmas gift and he loves it. I love that it comes with two batteries because it gets about 7-10 minutes on each battery (depending on if you’re recording). It’s very light weight, which makes it easy for him to travel with and it’s fun! He’s been able to get about 50 feet in the air before beginning to lose control. Because it’s light weight it helps if it begins to fall out of the sky, it’s a soft landing. The controller also tells you about a minute before the battery is going to die, so you’re able to get it down before it falls. Overall this is fun grownup toy!

So much fun and so durable, this is a great value!

 on August 30, 2015
By Attila Kovacs
Bought this for learning and taking some aerial videos, and it has exceeded my expectations in many ways. The Video quality is better than I thought it would be, and it is very durable (I crashed it into, trees walls) it has even survived a landing in my pool. It only spent a few seconds in the water and I quickly dried it out with a hairdryer for about 45 minutes and it was flying again. I then managed to get it stuck in a tree too ( I blame this one on the throttle not responding fast enough) It spent a few days outside in wind and rain, recovered it and it is still flying!

A good choice for your first "drone". Fun.

 on July 10, 2015
By Steve K
I saw that friends of mine kept posting junk on Facebook about “drones” they had bought. You know, photos taken from high above showing them on the ground holding a remote control. Tops of their houses, etc. I wanted one. Not for myself, mind you – but for my nephews! Yeah, that’s it, my nephews…
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