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Wltoys V303 Seeker Quadrocopter 2.4G FPV GPS RC Quadcopter for GoPro

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Brand Name: WLtoys
Item No.: V303
Item name: WLtoys V303 Seeker Quadrocopter RC Quadcopter
Power: Battery
Remote Cotrol:2.4G
Flight time:13-15?Minutes
Charging time:60-100?Minutes
Flight weight:770g/925g(with pzt)
Remote Control Distance: 500 Meters
Motor:4 pcs 2212 950kv motor
Battery for Quadcopter: 1 Piece of Li-Poly Battery 11.1V 2700MAH 25C(Included in Package)
Battery for Transmiter: 4 pcs of AA Battery (Not Incluced in Package)

1.With 6-axis system,can Raise; Down/Forwards; Backwards/Left; Right Turning/Left; Right Crab Flying/Hanged Flying/360
2.Degree Rotating/Light
3.GPS Auto Pilot Function
4.Come Home Button Ready
5.Low voltage protection(two level)
6.Failsafe and Self Landing
7.Set high mode
8.CF headless mode
9.PTZ gyro-stabilized
10.Gopro camera mount(camera not included)

Package Included:
1 x WL V303 RC QuadCopter
1 x 11.1V 2700MAH 25C Li-po Battery
1 x USB Charger
1 x transmitter
4 x Main Blade
1 x Detailed Operation Manual

Customer Reviews

… was delivered today and I must say it’s a great quad. Smooth as silk

 on July 11, 2016
By steve jennings
My Seeker was delivered today and I must say it’s a great quad. Smooth as silk, just the right sensitivity, no drama over calibration. I could be talking about the Seeker or the XK X380. Question…which came first, the Wltoys V303 Seeker, or the XK X380 Detect? They are identical in every way except color. The transmitter is identical. Everything. I’ve got both, and the Seeker may be scosh (don’t ask what a scosh is) smaller, but just a bit. So…who’s a rip off of the other? The good news is that I love them both. Very well made and programmed perfectly. All drone manufacturers should take notes on these two. I’m going back out to fly now so have fun out there, and do yourself a favor. Go get one of these two, preferably both!

Great to fly, but not for FPV and brushless Gimbal

 on January 26, 2016
By S. Marbert
I bought this straight from Gearbest, cheaper than here, but it takes a month to get it. This is a great quad, easy to fly with GPS, but if you are looking to mount a gopro, wire up FPV transmitter to see your live video, and get professional quality Videos, then just buy a DJ Phantom 3. I made the mistake of trying to do that with this quad, and you’ll spends hundreds more $s and dozens of hours trying to make it work. It’s possible, but very difficult. The instructions are horrible and not well translated, so youtubes are your only source. None of the plugs match up for a brushless gimbal or FPV translator. You have to buy $30 of cables and plugs just to change the software so it can just run the tilt on the power gimbal. If you buy the SJ4000 knockoff gopro as well, as I did, then that also doesn’t quite match the gimbal mounts. It goes on and on. Great quad for just flying once you figure out the instructions, but don’t plan on controlling a camera and gimbal with it. You’ll spend far more than you would for the ready to fly Phantom 3 to get there. Now I feel like I have too much invested to switch. Watch the youtubes on this quad before you buy it. Again, it’s great to fly and is very stable, but you’ll have to have FPV and a brushless gimbal for smooth, high quality video.

The V303 Seeker – About as easy as it gets.

 on October 10, 2015
By Alan S. Miller
Received mine as a gift, and really like it. Mine came in the black box so seems to be one of the newer ones. I admit I was somewhat wary of it after seeing and reading so many reviews of people having all sorts of issues with the V303, that I was actually scared to fly it. I now have many flights without incident. Just about any beginner pilot can handle this as it’s not designed to be an aggressive sport flier. It’s more for aerial video. This is a very smooth flier with only two modes, and the default is GPS. You can’t switch modes, except for the headless, and return home feature (that works very nicely I might add.). The GPS locks in quickly and holds the V303 in one spot until you move it. It will even handle some pretty stiff breezes. I have only experienced up to about 15-mph wind but the V303 holds solidly. Yes, it will bounce a little, but the GPS holds it very well in breezes. No breeze and it will sit over one spot. I find it very easy to maneuver around without the use of the headless mode. The V303 flys around a pretty leisurely rate. I have my RunCam HD attached using the “credit card” mount (watch the YouTube video on that) and get very good aerial video with little to no video jello. Of course it’s not a gimbal, and I can’t see what the camera sees but it works very well. The camera will move around as the V303 pitches and rolls, or is bounced by wind although I find this simply a minimal issue. Mostly, it’s stable. This setup is very light weight too so it doesn’t reduce your air time at all. Speaking of air time, I’ve been getting over 16 minutes on a battery. That’s pretty darn good! This has been verified using a timer from the time I start the motors, to the time the red warning LED comes on and I land. I’ve timed it on several flights with the same result. Today I had 16 minutes and 40 seconds flight time. The batteries take about three hours to charge using the supplied charger.

need parts bad

 on March 17, 2015
By Rickey Carr
Realy like it but were cani get parts
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